Ester is an independent artist/craftsperson who lives and works in Melbourne.   After studying Sumi-e (ink brush painting) and calligraphy for many years she has been influenced by the Japanese aesthetic.  Her present practice uses recycled Japanese kimono in a number of ways, including collage, soft sculpture, and as an integral part of presentation of ink brush paintings.  In her current practice she is interested in finding beauty in imperfection.  This can be signs of wear and tear in the textiles used, or the imperfect representation of a portrait.  The power of the portrait lies not in replicating the features accurately, but in capturing expression and emotion conveyed.  Ester is interested in developing a new form of painting which uses traditional ink brush technique in a reinvented way. 

Ester holds a Diploma of Fine Arts, an Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts and a Graduate Certificate of Visual Art.  She is currently undertaking a Master of Fine Arts at RMIT, Melbourne.