Ester is an independent artist/craftsperson who lives and works in Melbourne.   After studying Sumi-e and Calligraphy for many years she has been influenced by the Japanese aesthetic.

She has made works which are a hybrid of craft, of pattern and decoration and of abstraction. These works belong to a community of practice which addresses textiles and fibre art. Pattern and decoration play a significant role in informing her work. Pattern, a visible regularity in nature, or in a manmade design, is a universal phenomenon. As such it permeates every aspect of human existence. Patterning is also a universal form of decoration. Ornamental design and repetition of motifs have been used in every culture known to man.

Ester’s current practice engages with minimalism and hard-edged abstraction in order to express how perfection can be attained through the methodology of the handmade and how the interplay of vibrant colour can be visually stimulating, engaging and dynamic. The focus is on simplicity of form, minimal use of colour, and repetition of multi-panel paintings. A flawless finish is the desired outcome, however minor imperfections are a sign of the impossibility of attaining perfection.

Ester is currently undertaking a Master of Fine Arts at RMIT, Melbourne.